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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Vardenafil/Dapoxetine
Indication: Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Packaging: 5 Tablets in a strip
Strength 20mg+60mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days

◊◊◊  Super Alvitra:-

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Vardenafil/Dapoxetine
Indication: Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Packaging: 5 Tablets in a strip
Strength 20mg+60mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days




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ΔΔΔ  Simplification:-


↑↑↑  What is Super Alvitra?

  • Simultaneously, Super Alvitra medication helps take care of the issue of Erectile Dysfunction in men.
  • Besides, the dynamic elements of this medication are Vardenafil and Dapoxetine.
  • Therefore, This assists inflow with blooding into the penis which helps appropriate erection in men.


↑↓↑   Who is the maker of Super Alvitra?

  • The maker of super Alvitra is Alpha Pharmaceuticals.
  • It is the main producer of this medication.
  • They supply Super Alvitra Online and disconnected all over India.
  • They additionally produce different related items for the prosperity of individuals.


⇑⇑⇑  What are the purposes of Super Alvitra?

  • The primary utilization of this medication is to address the issue of erectile brokenness in men.
  • This eliminates sexual infection and assists with legitimate erection.
  • As it contains two fundamental fixings Vardenafil and Dapoxetine.
  • It is one of the most encouraging drugs utilized for the treatment of Impotence and assists you with handling the issue of untimely discharge and makes you last longer in bed.


⇑⇓⇑  What occurs if you take a lot of Super Alvitra?

  • However, Taking an excessive amount of Super Alvitra is hurtful to your body.
  • For an improved outcome generally attempt to accept it according to the timetable fixed by your PCP.
  • Taking a lot of this medication will influence your body unfavorably and will make different medical problems in your body.
  • In the event of an excess of Super Alvitra, you might feel a few secondary effects which incorporate sickness, retching, muscle throbs, loose bowels, cerebral pain, and a lot more issues some of the time require the management of a clinical expert.
  • Contact your clinical specialist at whatever point you feel any kind of this side effect in your body.


Δ∇Δ  How does Super Alvitra function?

  • Altogether, the primary driver of erectile brokenness is a sexual affliction.
  • Because of sexual ailment, the capacity for erection in men gets decreases.
  • As the vital components of Alvitra tablets are Vardenafil and Dapoxetine, this medication helps in the legitimate progression of blood in the penis which helps in lessening the disorder issue in men.
  • A great bloodstream generally assists you with accomplishing firmer erections and Dapoxetine helps in taking care of the issue of untimely discharge.
  • It defers your discharge and gives a hard erection for a more drawn-out length.
  • Through crafted by this medication, men can partake in their sexual life enjoyably.


◊↑◊  How to take Super Alvitra?

  • Take this medication with alert and according to the rules of your restorative professional.
  • This medication ought to be taken before sex.
  • Take it with a glass of water in case.
  • Swallow it and try not to bite or pound your medication to come to the best result.
  • Before taking medication read the guidance cautiously.
  • Check the expiry date before eating this medication.


◊⇑◊  What are the approaching medication associations?

  • Firstly, At times taking this medication with others, may cause a few incidental effects.
  • Yet, ordinarily, this medication even works preferably when consumed over other medication.
  • Contact your primary care physician they will change your medication with each other.
  • Drug cooperations
  • Moreover, Riociguat
  • Finally, Substrate.


◊↑◊  Dose of Super Alvitra:-

  • The Dose of super Alvitra must be taken before sex.
  • You want to eat just a single medication at a time.


◊⇑◊  Overdose of Super Alvitra:-

  • However, In the event of excess, contact quickly to your primary care physician.
  • Besides, They will change your portion according to the sum you had taken as an excess.
  • Furthermore, going too far from Super Alvitra causes different kinds of secondary effects in the body.
  • Eventually, the incidental effects incorporate migraine, regurgitation, queasiness, body torment, and a lot more issue.
  • Thus it’s fundamental to take this medication with appropriate thoughtfulness regarding staying away from the circumstance of excess.
  • Going too far with this medication shows a few significant issues in the body too that remembering a change in vision, the runs, and some more at least.
  • For such incidental effects, you want quick contact with a clinical specialist as soon as.


↓↓↓  Missed portion:-

  • However, the possibilities of missed portions in super Alvitra are exceptionally less.
  • You want to accept this medication when you recollect your missed portion.
  • Be that as it may, avoid the portion assuming your timetable of the progressive portion is practically close.
  • Since this might twofold your portion and will show a few incidental effects.
  • Thus it’s valuable to keep away from this medication on the off chance that the timetable of the following portion is very nearly a couple of hours after the fact.


◊◊◊  Other Available Strengths:-

  1. Alvitra 20mg
  3. Alvitra 40mg
  5. Alvitra 60mg


Δ∇Δ   Precautions of Super Alvitra:-


  1. Liquor this medication ought not to be brought with liquor. Altogether, liquor, I take this medication will make medical issues in your body. Point when a specialist recommends this medication illuminate them about the way that you used to take liquor.
  2. Liver sickness if you have a liver-related issue right now or in past try not to take this medication.Even If the circumstance becomes crucial to take Super Alvitra promptly contact your PCP and according to their remedy and direction take this medication lastly.
  3. Kidney illness on the off chance that you have kidney-related issues as of now or in the past try not to take this medication. Besides, on the off chance that the circumstance becomes basic and it’s become vital to take Super Alvitra quickly contact your primary care physician and according to their medicine and direction take this medication.
  4. Heart – on the off chance that you have heart-related issues as of now or in the past try not to take this medication. Altogether, Assuming such a circumstance emerges that it’s become crucial to take this medication contact your PCP right away and according to their remedy and direction take this medication.
  5. The driving-this medication causes the issue of dazedness and drowsiness at whatever point you eat it. Besides, this side effect lessens the capacity to drive the individual. Altogether, to stay away from any vulnerability driving by taking or eating these pills is valuable not.
  6. Sensitivity assuming you have an aversion to any of the fixings present in Super Alvitra medication illuminates your primary care physician. Although, he might change your creation and change your portion.


◊⇑◊  Side Effects of Super Alvitra:-

  • Each medication shows a few incidental effects as much as.
  • Super Alvitra likewise shows a few secondary effects.
  • Yet, generally speaking, you don’t require clinical treatment because once your body began changing following your portion every one of the secondary effects slowly lessens.
  • Yet, if you feel such an issue that is basic in such a circumstance contact the specialist and illuminate them about the issues you are looking for by eating this medication.
  • Besides, Some symptom of Super Alvitra incorporates tipsiness, regurgitation, queasiness, cerebral pain, muscle throbs, and more.
  • Certainly, a few significant issues remember a change in vision, sleepiness, and some more.
  • Hence, Contact promptly the clinical expert at whatever point you feel significant medical problems.


⇓⇑⇓   Capacity condition:-

  • However, Store Super Alvitra Tablet at room temperature.
  • Besides, Keep it where it doesn’t come in that frame of mind with daylight.
  • So, Remove it from the scope of kids and pets.
  • This medication isn’t for youngsters consequently conceal it away from them.
  • Moreover, Putting away it in its unique bundle or some other sealed shut Container is useful.
  • Never keep it in a soggy region at any rate.


  • Medically Reviewed by Dr. David Tolstoy

    Dr. David Tolstoy, a health advisor for seven years, loves to share health information with the public. Due to this, I am affiliated with MedsValley Online Pharmacy. My articles aim to help laypeople better their health and well-being.


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